Hammertoe and Bunion surgery through a small incision

Many traditional surgical procedures  require large incisions, and aggressive maneuvers to correct bunion and hammer toe deformities.    A major factor in recovery time and discomfort is the amount of soft  tissue that is disrupted in traditional surgery.  MIS surgery(minimally invasive surgery) uses a small incision with specially designed instruments  that allow for less soft tissue injury.  This allows for reduced trauma in correcting patholgy.

Foot and ankle minimally invasive surgical procedures were pioneered by many of the members of the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery which Dr. Woodly is a proud member. Dr. Woodly has been performing these procedures for many years and has had wonderful surgical outcomes. Very few foot and ankle surgeons in Texas are able to offer these innovative procedures.

Minimally invasive foot surgery allow for quicker heal time, a more pleasing cosmetic results(no large incision scars), less pain and a faster return to normal footwear and activity. Many of the procedures can be done in the office which can significantly decrease cost. There is no need for sometimes dangerous, costly anesthesia or excessive hospital costs when the procedure is done in office.

Dr. Woodly is always learning and improving his surgical techniques by collaborating and learning from some of the pioneers of minimally invasive foot surgery at  the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgerys numerous meetings and clinical labs.

Dr. Charlton Woodly Podiatrist

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