Laser treatment for Plantar fasciitis (Heel pain).

You may have noticed posters and brochures in our office talking about laser therapy. We've been actively utilizing our Medical grade class 4 laser to treat many foot and ankle issues. I have been very happy with the results we have garnered from using the medical laser to address plantar fasciitis(heel pain).

Laser therapy is a painless treatment that helps patients avoid injections and even surgical procedures to address Plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Laser therapy or "Photobiomodulation",is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects. These therapeutic effects include decreasing swelling and increasing blood flow to the soft tissue and the fascia of the heel enhancing the healing enviroment. The therapeutic effects speeds up  the patient's healing time and decreases the pain significantly. Most patients notice a decrease in pain after the 1st treatment.

Laser therapy for Plantar fasciitis (heel pain) is a more natural approach to addressing this problem. There is decreased need for oral medications such as NSAIDS i.e. ibuprofen, painful injections. Laser therapy is a quicker and less costly treatment than traditional physical therapy or surgical intervention.

 Hopefully, now you know more about Medical lasers and the many benefits in the treatment of Plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Please don't hesitate to speak to our doctors about this wonderful option.

Dr. Charlton Woodly Podiatrist

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